A magical place, surrounded by ancient oaks

Mas Molladar is located in the Salarça Valley, far from civilisation, surrounded by ancient oak woods, wide open fields and rivers of crystal clear waters where time stands still. There is a variety of wildlife in the surrounding woods and rivers: eagles, herons, wild boar, ravens, foxes, salamanders and river trout among others. All these animals live here as this well-preserved natural environment is respected by those who live here and come to visit.

At El Mollador you can choose between walking on mountain tracks or deep in the woods, discovering unspoilt natural landscapes which are sure to revitalise your spirits. Visit nearby towns or Romanesque hermitages and churches, follow the course of a river, and take a dip in the cool waters of a mountain gorge. You can, of course, just take it easy and enjoy life, relaxing in the shade of a tree. The area is fresh and green in spring and summer, and in autumn the thousand shades of colours in the oak, beech and poplar woods are spectacular.

Excursions in the area

A 12 km. Lively all year with shops and restaurants, church, Roman bridge, magnificent houses. … On the road up to the ski resort Vallter 2000 (about 40 minutes from the house) went through beautiful mountain villages like Abella, Villalonga and Setcases Ter.
+ información: www.valldecamprodon.org
More information: www.elripolles.com
Idyllic village of stone houses as a Nativity scene, with important Romanesque church and beach rhyolitic drive 12 km road, 5km off-road in forest track, or two hours walking trail. You can continue on a quiet mountain road to Oix, Castellfollit, Besalu, Olot Volcanic Area and.
About 20 minutes from the home village of Mollo and this park where you can stroll among mouflon, isards, Pyrenean bears and other species are found. The little ones can ride ponies and feed the farm animals. Picnic area and bar.
To complete the offer has just opened an adventure zone with 4 circuits of various degrees of difficulty for children and adults
Following route from Mollo, passing the mountain Ares Coll del Cami with his memories of the Civil War Withdrawal and entered France. Prats de Mollo is a charming fortified village resort offering the visitor a different feeling Catalunya Nord.
If we continue on the course of the river Tec got the pretty village of Arles Tec Les Gorges de la Fou, the narrower the world congost.
Should see for lovers of art with its Picasso Museum. Understood as landscapes captivated the Malaga painter. An artistic and somewhat bohemian village.